"You will be the source of inspiration for generations to come. Your legacy will be eternal. RIP BKS Iyengar."
"But then anytime you join in a mass movement you’re going to find yourself standing alongside idiots. One reason people go to mass rallies is to become stupider and surer of themselves than they are when they’re alone."

—  Tim Kreider, We Learn Nothing: Essays and Cartoons

"Exertion, self-control, skill, carefulness, steadiness, memory and commencement of act after mature deliberation; know that these are the roots of prosperity."

— Vidura Niti

"Water is the medicine for indigestion; it is invigorating when the food that is eaten is well digested; it is like nectar when drunk in the middle of a dinner; and it is like poison when taken at the end of a meal."

— Chanakya Nitishastra


ted-meditates said: Hello sir. Thank you very much for your interesting and useful blog. Could you please give advise on some basic daily breathing exercises for beginner?

For beginners, the first step is to develop awareness on breath. You can do this practice every day in the morning for 10 to 15 minutes. Sit straight in any basic yoga pose. Close your eyes and touch the tip of your tongue on roof of the mouth (just above the frontal teeth). Observe the coolness on tip of your nose as breath enters your nostril during inhalation. Then, observe the warmth in the throat as breath is exhaled. Let the breath flow naturally. Don’t breathe or expel forcibly. Within few minutes, your breath will become fuller. The inhalation will become longer as awareness will let you fill the breath completely in lungs and abdomen. The same will happen with exhalation.

"Everything I wish to say is ruined by my words."

Questioning our desires

Generally speaking, the civilized man does not know what he wants. He works for success, fame, a happy marriage, fun, to help other people, or to become a “real person.” But these are not real wants because they are not actual things. They are the by-products, the flavors and atmospheres of real things-shadows which have no existence apart from some substance. Money is the perfect symbol of all such desires, being a mere symbol of real wealth, and to make it one’s goal is the most blatant example of confusing measurements with reality.

- Alan W. Watts

"He who has a why can endure any how."

— Friedrich Nietzsche (via lazyyogi)


roanw1 said: Hello sir, I've read your post about Curing Piles with Guava, but can you tell me what other things can we do to cure and prevent further Hemorrhoids?

The most important food remedy for piles is dry figs. Three or four figs should be soaked overnight in water after cleansing them thoroughly in hot water. They should be taken first thing in the morning along with water in which they were soaked. They should also be taken in the evening in a similar manner. This treatment should be continued for three or four weeks. The tiny seeds of the fruit possess an excellent quality of stimulating peristaltic movements of intestines. This facilitates easy evacuation of feces and keeps the alimentary canal clean.The pressure on the anus having thus been relieved, the hemorrhoids also get contracted.

The jambul (jamun) fruit is another effective food remedy for bleeding piles. The fruit should be taken with salt every morning for two or three months in its season. The use of the fruit in this manner in every season will effect a radical cure and save the user from bleeding piles during his / her entire life.

The above extract is from a book by H. K. Bakhru

Bio Combination - 17 (BC-17) is another effective remedy. You can purchase it from any Homeopathic store. The dosage will be five pellets taken thrice in a day.